High-Voltage, Highly Integrated LED Driver Suits Car Lighting Tasks

June 18, 2007
The MAX16831 high-power LED driver from Maxim is designed to ensure high reliability in automotive and general lighting applications. The device can operate over an input range of 5.4 to 76 V, and it provides a 1.4-A/2-A source/sink capability.

Specifically tailored to meet the needs of the latest automotive front-light applications, the MAX16831 high-voltage, high-power, constant-current LED driver features analog and PWM dimming capability. Made by Maxim Integrated Products, the unit integrates a floating LED current-sense amplifier and a dimming MOSFET driver to minimize component count and boost reliability. The device operates from a 5.4- to 76-V input range, ensuring cold-start and load-dump (up to 80 V) compliance. It’s well-suited for high- and low-beam assemblies, adaptive front-light systems, daytime running lights, and fog lamps.

The analog or PWM control permits a 1000:1 dimming range. The analog control signal is compared to an on-board 200-Hz ramp and can be used to simplify designs that require multilevel brightness adjustment. Providing LED-current control accurate to within ±5% over the entire automotive operating-temperature range, the driver ensures excellent brightness matching. A very low 100-mV LED current-sense reference and an internal gate driver with 1.4-A/2-A source/sink capability allow for high efficiency and, therefore, minimal heat dissipation. A dedicated enable/shutdown input ensures that the shutdown-mode current remains below 45 µA.

The MAX16831 comes in a lead-free, 5- by 5-mm, 32-pin TQFN package with exposed pad. Prices start at $2.33 for 1000-piece quantities. To learn more, go to www.maxim-ic.com.


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