75-W DC-DC Converters Provide 4:1 Wide Inputs, Optional Terminal Block

Dec. 16, 2008
Housed in an industry-standard half-brick footprint, the Mega Electronics 75-W PD75W dc-dc converters offer a 4:1 wide input and up to 90% efficiencies with 15 A of output current.

The 75-W dc-dc converters in the PD75W series from Mega Electronics Inc. offer a 4:1 wide input and come in an industry-standard half-brick footprint. These six-sided continuous shielded devices also provide efficiencies to 90% with 15 A of output current. With its optional terminal block, it can be used without a printed-circuit board, suiting it for industrial control systems and transportation applications. Other features include remote on/off, input reverse protection, 2250-V dc basic input to output isolation, and adjustable output voltage.

Mega Electronics Inc.


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