LV Octal Buffer/Line Driver Is 5V Tolerant

Dec. 1, 1998

Designed for on-board buffering applications in computers, telecommunications, and industrial and consumer systems, 74LCX241 low-voltage octal buffer/line driver has 5V tolerant inputs and outputs. For use as a memory address driver, clock driver, or bus-oriented transmitter or receiver, the device also has inverting outputs, power down high impedance inputs and outputs, and proprietary noise/EMI reduction circuits. The edge rate control circuits let designers reduce ground bounce and EMI. Functionally compatible with the 74 series 241, the new octal buffer/linedriver also offers a ±24 mA output drive and supports live insertion and withdrawal. The device comes housed in 20-pin SOICs or TSSOPs, can operate over a -40°C to 85°C temperature range.


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