MMX Computer Comes With Flat Panel Display

Dec. 1, 1998

Designed for hazardous environments and other challenging operating conditions out-of-doors, the Survivor fully-sunlight-readable 13.8" XGA LCD, 200-MHz Pentium MMX computer is housed in a rugged, compact enclosure rated for use over a -30°C to 45°C temperature range. The standard unit is rated Class I/Div. 2 (non-incendive) and complies with Class I/Div. 1 codes with the addition of an optional Type X purge system. The 900 Nit display has an IR touch-screen and auto dimming circuits; it also automatically adjusts brightness for ambient light, dimming to 250 Nits. The computer has up to 128M of RAM, 2.5GB hard drive, and parallel, serial and keyboard ports. An optional 80-MB flash disk allows solid-state operation. Networking options include 10Base2, 10/100BaseT and 10BaseFL.

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