Industrial PC Chassis Has Supply & Backplane

Jan. 1, 1999

A 125W power supply and four-slot PISA (or ISA) bus passive backplane are included in the AMPC-204 wall-mount miniature PC chassis. The 155 mm x 198 mm x 247 mm, 7.7-lb. unit is for environmentally secure housing of embedded control systems.There's space within the unit for one RS-232 port and one parallel port, as well as both a 3.5" hard disk and 3.5" floppy drive. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, the chassis also carries one 49-cfm ball-bearing fan with a removable air filter for system cooling and two 6.8-cfm, 4-cm ball-bearing fans for power supply cooling. LED indicators are built in for +5V, +12V and -12V power supply outputs.The passive backplane is a four-layer pc board with ground and power planes for reducing noise and lowering power-supply impedance.

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