BGA Socket Adapter Systems Sport 1.0-mm Pin-To-Pin Pitch

March 1, 1999

A pin-to-pin pitch of 1.0 mm makes the firm's molded Advanced BGA Socketing System a dependable, field-tested method for BGA device upgrade, replacement, repair, testing, and emulation. The system helps address the demand for finer pin pitches as an economical and reliable alternative to soldering BGA devices directly to the motherboard.The system enables the BGA device to be soldered to an adapter, converting it to a pinned device that can then be mated to a socket surface mount soldered to the pc board. The process and design features help to ensure a coplanarity that is consistently under the industry standard of 0.006".Features include: a footprint that matches that of devices being attached; a wide range of footprints; process yields equivalent to direct attach; eutectic solder balls that reflow at standard process temperatures; tape-and-reel packaging; and optional extraction slot that aids in adapter removal.


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