SMT Emulator Feet Connect Cards To PCBs

March 1, 1999

The "Bottom Only Termination" series of QFP and SOIC emulator feet, featuring firm's SF-QFE120SC-K-01, is said to provide a low-cost, highly-reliable means of connecting daughter boards, upgrade cards and other circuitry to the surface-mount lands on a target pc board. The adapters feature metallized pads on the bottom of the foot which conform the Class 1 and 2 of IPC-A-610B, Section 10.2.1, Chip Components/Bottom only Terminations standard, for connection to the target board land pattern. Insulation and clearance from the target board is provided by high-temperature Kapton tape. The device solders easily to a target board land pattern designed for a gull-wing package.

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