VME Board With Mobile Module Runs Cool

Oct. 1, 1998

The DRC1 VME64 SBC features the Intel Mobile Module (IMM) and delivers Pentium MMX 133 to 266 MHz performance without the thermal concerns often associated with high-speed Pentium processors. The board's thermal design uses a custom heatsink with heat pipe that transfers heat away from the IMM. An extended temperature Universe II PCI-to-VME64 interface chip, coupled with the thermal design, enables the DRC1 to operate in ambient temperatures up to 85°C. The Pentium MMX, the Northbridge portion of the Triton-TX chipset, and L2 cache (256 KB on the 133 MHz version and 512 KB on the 200 MHz and faster) are contained on a small daughtercard with dimensions of 2.5" x 4" that is securely fastened to the DRC1. The interface to the rest of the board is via the PCI bus and memory bus. The daughtercard makes upgrade of the Pentium simple. Also this two card configuration is a friendly software development environment.

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