Dual And Quad CompactPCI DSP Board Touts High I/O Bandwidth

Sept. 1, 1998

Optimized to meet the increased signal processing requirements of communications infrastructures, such as mobile switching centers and wireless base stations, Barcelona DSP board is a CompactPCI solution based on TI's 'C6x DSP. The board is available in dual or quad processor configurations and combines PMC modules and firm's processor expansion modules (PEMs) to provide an I/O bandwidth of more than 1700 MB/s. Firm's FastTrack board architecture can triple the board's I/O and interprocessor communication bandwidths within a multi-board DSP system. The FastTrack architecture implements one of firm's core technologies, the Hurricane single-chip PCI bridge. FastTrack lets all DSP and data sources transfer data directly into each DSP's SBSRAM at burst rates of 160 MB/s.


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