6U Platform Holds 14 Telephony Boards

Sept. 1, 1999

Compliance with the PICMG 2.5 computer telephony specification is featured in the ZT 5210, a 6U platform with 14-slot backplane. The unit is suited for high-availability embedded OEM target systems in the computer telephony market. In the enclosure is a combination of 6U card slots for CPU and peripherals and 3U locations for hot-swap load sharing power supplies with ac or dc inputs. The platform accommodates IEEE 1101.11-style rear transition cards for simplified system cabling.One slot is dedicated to the system CPU board, while 13 more are available for CompactPCI peripheral boards. The unit fits in a 19" rack with slots on 0.8" centers and conforms to the Eurorack 6U height standard.

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