Telephony Board Combines T1/E1 Links With 4800 MIPS Of DSP

Oct. 1, 1999

Four T1/E1 interfaces are joined with up to 4800 MIPS of DSP in the QuicKit/T1 VMEbus telephony board. The board packs 48 100-MIPS TMS320VC549 DSPs, which enable the board to provide up to 50 MMACS of processing power per T1 or E1 time slot. The board's four interfaces, high bandwidth and fast PCI, TDM and SCSA buses make it suitable for moving large amounts of telephony data to and from WANs and the VMEbus.The board's 48 DSPs are implemented as four PCI modules with 12 DSPs each. Its T1/E1 WAN interface is implemented as a pair of PCI modules, each containing two T1 or E1 interfaces. All six modules are linked by a local PCI bus, which provides access to up to 64 Mbytes of global DRAM. Eight internal TDM buses, optimized for carrying telephony traffic, are used to move data to and from the interfaces and DSP modules. Within each DSP module, the 12 DSPs are configured as two blocks of six DSPs each. Both blocks are fed by two common TDM buses.


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