Front-Panel Data Port Interfaces Support Real-Time Embedded Systems

Oct. 1, 1999

A broad selection of front-panel data port (FPDP) interfaces makes an abundance of high-speed (160-Mbyte/s) I/O options available for board-to-board connections. The FPDP ribbon-cable interface is a 32-bit parallel link. To support it, the firm offers single-slot 6U VME boards that include: the 6410, 6420 and 6441 dual-channel, 12- or 14-bit A/D converters, which are front ends for the firm's digital receiver and DSP boards; the 6508, 6510, 6514 and 6516 narrowband, multi-channel digital receiver boards with two or four inputs; the 6099A buffer memory board with two FPDP ports and memory of up to 512 Mbytes; and the 6226 FPDP adapter, which attaches directly to the firm's 4290 and 4291 DSP boards. The four digital receiver boards provide an effective means of creating multi-channel DSP and analysis systems for selected frequency bands. They offer sampling rates of up to 40 MHz and accuracies up to 16 bits for down conversion, as well as low-pass filtering and decimation of sampled outputs.


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