Adapter Matches PMC To VMEbus & CompactPCI

Dec. 1, 1999

This adapter card is targeted at VMEbus and cPCI developers that use a PCI mezzanine card (PMC) form-factor board but that would like to do their development work in a standard PCI environment. The PMA-P bus adapter bridges this gap and makes it possible to use ordinary PCI-based computers that are generally less expensive than the comparable VME or cPCI products. The PMA-P is a passive PMC-to-PCI adapter that does not contain a PCI-to-PCI bridge. This direct connection between the PMC and PCI connectors make software development straightforward because no intervening PCI bridge needs to be programmed. The PMA-P contains a full 64-bit interconnect between the PCI edge connector and the PMC four connector set.

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