A/D Board Drives TFT LCDs At Input Resolutions Up To UXGA

Jan. 1, 2000

Unsurpassed image quality, regardless of input source format, is said to be achievable with use of the Mystère analog-to-digital converter board for driving TFT LCD panels. The board also enables use of a new generation of flat-panel display products that are capable of displaying both computer and NTSC/PAL video inputs (picture-in-picture technology). The board supports input resolutions up to UXGA with complete image auto resizing, frame rate conversion and SmartSync optimization- the latter is a proprietary technology which, upon initialization, examines the incoming signal and displays the video image in its proper resolution, virtually eliminating time-consuming manual adjustments. Graphics resolutions from VGA to UXGA are supported; the board expands or compresses the input data to match a given display’s resolution.


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