Board With Native Bridge Chip Evaluates FireWire Connectivity Solutions

March 1, 2000

An evaluation board provides an easy way for engineers to evaluate the performance of the firm's FireWire to ATA/ATAPI bridge solution based on the OXFW900 chip. The board features a complete three-chip solution consisting of the OXFW900, 1394 PHY chip and ROM. Connections are made using a standard IDE connector and two FireWire ports. The bridging solution is to be a fast and cost-effective way for manufacturers of removable media drives, optical drives and hard disk drives to provide FireWire connectivity. The OXFW900 is a high-performance native bridge chip with integrated Serial Bus Protocol. It can use generic device drivers and supports the standard IEEE 1394A PHY-LINK interface. The sustained IDE data transfer rate is 25 Mbps. The board is available on loan to OEMs free of charge for one month.

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