Frame Grabbers Seek High-Resolution Applications

June 1, 2000

Four new models of the I-Series of high accuracy, high performance frame grabbers are the I-60, I-25 MV, I-50 MV and I-60 MV. The I-60 accepts non-standard video inputs up to 60 MHz pixel input rates including the new high-resolution, high-speed machine vision cameras and 1024 x 1024 cardiac imaging inputs. The I-25 MV, I-50 MV and I-60 MV have maximum pixel rates of 25, 50 and 60 MHz, respectively. These boards are intended for machine vision applications. The boards feature machine vision and camera I/O controls including trigger output, strobe interface, camera exposure control, camera power, general-purpose digital I/Os, H and V sync output, and more. Machine vision I/O is software configurable on these models, allowing the user to configure the frame grabber to directly connect to various popular machine vision cameras using a single I-Series cable. Price is $1495 for the I-60, and starts at $1195 for the other models.


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