Fuel Gauge IC Has Li-Ion Protection Circuit And Current Sense Resistor

Nov. 1, 2000

Claimed as the first high-performance fuel gauge IC to incorporate a lithium-ion protection circuit and an internal 25 milliohm current sense resistor in a 3.25 mm x 2.74 mm die-sized package, the DS2760 high-precision Li-Ion battery monitor makes highly sophisticated fuel gauging cost-effective in mainstream portable products. Deposited in the flip chip fabrication process, the sense resistor consumes no pc board area and incurs no additional cost in the battery pack.
The chip's integrated data acquisition features include a signed 12-bit a/d converter, a 10-bit voltage a/d converter, and a signed 10-bit temperature sensor, all of which eliminate pack-resident data converters and thermistors. The chip accumulates current measurements over time to facilitate the estimate or remaining battery capacity, called fuel gauging. Available in flip-chip and 16-pin TSSOP packages, the flip chip package is priced at $1.10 each/1,000,000.


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