PC/104 Module Packs A/D, D/A, TTL I/O And Timers

Dec. 1, 2000

Capable of being added to any PC/104 computer board, the MPC550 PC/104 module provides 24 digital I/O lines, 16 12-bit analog input lines, and three 16-bit counter/timer channels. An option will add 12-bit analog output lines. The board's analog input section implements a complete data acquisition system with software programmable ranges of 5V, 10V, ±5V and ±10V.
The digital I/O lines are TTL levels and can source and sink 2.5 mA each. The analog output option adds four or eight D/A converters with 10V outputs. Both analog inputs and outputs can support data rates of 100 kHz. Price is $265, with the analog output options $95 and $175, respectively.


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