Connector Series Enables Thinner PCMCIA Designs

Feb. 1, 2001

Designed to save board space and create design flexibility, the IC13 series of PC CardBus connectors offers a low above-board profile and has no screw heads protruding above the connector when fully mounted. The connectors can be mounted at an angle or away from the main PC board because the termination is made with a flexible circuit board that connects to a zero-insertion-force connector, the DF-16-805-0.3 SHW. Plus, the connectors can be added to or removed from the pc board after all other components are soldered in place. Left and right push buttons are provided and ejection of the PCMCIA standard card is at two points, thus avoiding the rotation and possible jamming of the inserted card. Ground contacts at 10 points and soldered ground brackets assure continuity of ground circuit with the card. Long card ejection provides ample room to hold the card. The series is appropriate for notebooks, PDAs, cameras, industrial equipment and all devices requiring use of PCMCIA standard memory cards. The cost of the IC13 series is $15 each/1,000.

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