CPCI SBC Targets Internet/Telecomm Apps

March 1, 2001

Designed for resource-hungry Internet and telecommunication work loads, the MIC-3385 6U, two-slot wide Compact PCI single-board computer (SBC) brings a big bat to the plate. Flaunting an Intel 840 chipset, this SBC supports dual Pentium II, 866-MHz CPUs, up to 2 GB of RDRAM (1 GB per channel), and a 100/133 MHz bus clock frequency. At a RAM speed of 800 MHz, peak transfer rate is 1.6 GB/s. It also supports a 64-bit PCI interface on the physical cPCI connectors J1 and J2. Other features include support for up to four IDE drives and two floppy drives, an on-board ATI RAGE M3 VGA controller with 8 MB of SGRAM and 3-D support, dual Ethernet controllers, and a single PCI-to-PCI bridge controlling up to seven PCI master devices.


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