VME DSP Board Accelerates Data Throughput

May 1, 2001

Specifically designed for high data throughput applications, the PowerPC CHAMP-AV VME DSP board can support up to four 7410 PowerPC RISC processors running up to 500 to 600 MHz. The board includes a large cache, local and global memories, seven intelligent DMA controllers, and a user-programmable interrupt multiplexer on a single 6U board.
Running multiple real-time operating systems, such as Linux and VxWorks, the board can process over 500 broadband-integrated video, voice and data channels. Expansion features include two PMC I/O modules, with each expansion site coupled to a dual processor cluster. Other features include 2 MB of L2 cache, and 128 MB of 64-bit wide SDRAM. Software support includes the company's IXAT tools suite, used to configure the DSPs and all board-level resources.
The software also includes host/target support libraries, smart DMA firmware, and PowerPC and operating system specific board-support packages. extended temperature and conduction-cooled versions are also available. Price starts at $28,900 with delivery from six to eight weeks ARO.

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