SBC Supports Dual, Low-Profile Pentium IIIs

June 1, 2001

Capable of supporting up to two low-profile FC-PGA Pentium III processors and featuring dual Ethernet interfaces, the SLE single-board computer (SBC) is designed for demanding applications, such as dual network systems. The board also features an Ultra3 SCSI interface supporting a maximum throughput of 160 MB/s, a 133-MHz front side bus, and ServerWorks' ServerSet III LE chipset. And it supports a 64-bit, 66-MHz PCI local bus. Other features include dual PCI EIDE Ultra DMA/33 interfaces that support up to four hard drives and synchronous DMA mode transfers up to 33 MB/s, up to 2 GB of SDRAM, and 4 MB of display memory. Prices start at $2,412.


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