Interconnect Mates Converters To PC Boards

June 1, 2001

Touted as an industry first, circuit board designers and assemblers will have the ability to surface-mount high-density dc/dc converters with current ratings up to 100A. SurfMate, the surface-mount interface accessory, is useable with pin-compatible second-generation dc/dc converters and accessory modules. The product utilizes a pair of SMT headers with sockets to accept the input and output pins of the converter module. Compatible with any thickness pc board, the SurfMate header assembly does not increase the module mounting height above the board, and works with full, half and quarter bricks. Because the product can withstand standard reflow solder operations, secondary soldering operation normally used for through-hole sockets or pins can now be entirely eliminated. Prices start at $6.85 in quantity.

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