VoIP Software Package Targets SH3-DSP Microprocessor

Nov. 1, 2001

Designed for the Hitachi SH3-DSP microprocessor, EmTalk is an integrated voice over IP (VoIP) software package that can add VoIP capability to almost any equipment by providing a pre-integrated API. EmTalk consists of an integrated H.323 protocol suite together with the company's USNET TCP/IP protocol suite and SuperTask real-time OS. It provides a VoIP solution for various end-point devices, such as information kiosks, security systems, ATM machines, set-top-boxes and handheld devices. It runs on Hitachi's SH3-DSP VoIP demonstration platform, which combines a 32-bit RISC CPU with a DSP core and operates at 133 MHz. The board also includes a codec, SLIC and Ethernet controller. EmTalk is H.323 compliant and interoperable with Microsoft NetMeeting 3.01 and Web Phone 4.02. Version 1 is available now in the U.S. and Canada, with the Software Development Kit starting at $15,000 each. For further information, contact U.S. SOFTWARE. Hillsboro, OR. (800) 356-7097.


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