PICMG 2.16-Compliant Chassis Targeted At HA Apps

Feb. 1, 2002

Designed to PICMG 2.16 specs and well-suited for use where high availability (HA) is required, the 2.16 cPCI development chassis comes with a 16-slot backplane, two 350W N+1 plug-in power supplies, and an advanced system for keeping power-dense circuit boards cool. The cooling system consists of three individually removable plug-in fans that provide up to 300 cfm of forced air and two radial fans mounted in removable trays to provide redundant cooling. Measuring 9U high, 84 HP and 290 mm deep, the chassis are highly shielded, can be equipped with a dc voltage, fan and over-temperature monitoring system, and come fully assembled, wired and tested with a two-year warranty. ELMA ELECTRONIC INC., Fremont, CA. (510) 656-3400.


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