Popular Optical Inspection System Improves By Factor Of Three

Nov. 1, 2002

Three enhancements to the VP-1000 optical inspection system include new test tips, an optional board holder, and a revamping of the software interface. Addressing ever shrinking circuit boards with constantly increasing densities, the new test tips can navigate between components just 0.7 mm apart. This is reported as being half the distance of standard tips. The optional board holder accommodates board sizes up to 305 mm x 305 mm. It attaches to the system's X-Y table via the handler and can be adjusted in height from 12.7 mm to 83.82 mm. Rounding out the upgrades, the system software no longer needs to be calibrated. This function is relegated to and pre-set within the system. For more details, call Sherilyn Hill at METCAL INC., Menlo Park, CA. (650) 325-3291.

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