Carbon-Fiber Keyboard Delivers Durability In Extreme Conditions

Sept. 18, 2009
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Claimed as the world’s first carbon-fiber keyboard, the InduDur keyboard is for applications that require a high degree of durability. Its design combines a lightweight carbon-fiber front panel with stainless-steel keycaps and an optional epoxy-resin trackball. The keyboard’s front panel features the extreme durability of carbon-fiber construction without the weight penalty of stainless steel. The carbon material is available in three attractive finishes: mat carbon black, high-gloss carbon silver and high-gloss carbon black. The InduDur is fitted with non-removable, stainless-steel keycaps. These specially formed keycaps have a rim that extends below the carbon front panel so that the keycaps cannot be pried loose from the top of the keyboard. The optional 38-mm trackball is made from durable epoxy resin to resist dimpling that adversely affects the operation of stainless-steel trackballs. The keyboard is available in a compact web design or with trackball for Internet terminals. It is intended for public-access applications such as service terminals, kiosks, vending machines, point-of-information consoles, and any application that requires a high degree of durability. INDUKEY NORTH AMERICA LLC, Leonia, NJ. (866) 463-8539.


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