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Linux 2.6.23 SDKs Support Popular SBCs

Dec. 30, 2009
Linux 2.6.23 SDKs Support Popular SBCs
Created for the company’s SBC and ERS single-board computers, a series of Linux software development kits (SDKs) employ solid-state IDE flash-disk modules preloaded with a Linux OS that plugs directly into one of the boards. Each SDK includes a Linux 2.6.23-based file system that works with a particular board model. Support for standard peripherals includes PS/2 mouse and keyboard, RS-232 ports, IDE storage devices, and Ethernet. Additionally, each SDK includes the company’s Universal Driver, which provides support for each processor board’s data-acquisition functions. Demo programs for analog and digital I/O are also on tap. DIAMOND SYSTEMS CORP., Mountain View, CA. (800) 367-2104.


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