Rugged Communications

July 16, 2010
AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA platforms can be utilized in military and avionic applications.

Configuration support

The RadiSys’ Promentum C2 AdvancedTCA Server is a pre-integrated system that can be equipped with 10-Gigabit Ethernet switches, eight Intel 5600 Xeon processors with up to 4 Tbytes of storage running VMWare’s ESXi for virtual machine support, and VSphere fault-tolerant configuration support (see the figure). The 6U chassis is designed for MIL-STD-810. It can handle shock and vibration for equipment transport.

The Promentum C2 represents one area where VPX systems could be used but where the demands aren’t as high as with some applications like high-flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Often, systems like the Promentum C2 need to be rugged enough for transport but will operate in a harsh but less demanding environment.

This also highlights the area where smaller form-factor platforms will exist as well. MicroTCA is a more compact form of AdvancedTCA. In fact, MicroTCA boards can plug in AdvancedTCA carrier boards. This approach reflects the VITA-46 VPX and VITA-71/VITA-73 relationship.

“As the mil/aero industry often performs in harsh, unforgiving environments, it requires a ruggedized ATCA platform that is rapidly deployable, with long life, higher performance, and enhanced portability. The RadiSys C2 Server is a truly unique command and control solution specifically designed to meet these requirements,” said Anthony Ambrose, vice president and general manager of communications networks at RadiSys.

“RadiSys’ C2 Server leverages our leadership in ATCA as well as partner content from LCR Electronics and Astute Networks in a rapidly deployable, long-life, high-performance platform with a more than 30% weight decrease and lower power consumption than current rack-mount servers,” Ambrose added.

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