Electronicdesign 3532 Xl 05 Stealth 3

Keyboard Suits Outdoor Apps

Sept. 20, 2010
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Viable for harsh, industrial and outdoor duties, the model KYBX-400 series keyboard is environmentally sealed to NEMA 4, 4X, IP65 specifications. It resides in a vandal resistant, stainless steel enclosure and provides 71 full-travel polymer keys with silent tactile feedback. A 38-mm optical trackball, also sealed to IP65 spec, offers a resolution of 800 dpi. The keyboard also features NVIS-compliant red adjustable backlighting, which makes it suitable for military, aviation, or vehicle applications where night vision goggles are worn. Price for the model KYBX-400-DT-BL-TB-USB is $695. STEALTH COMPUTER CORP., Ontario, Canada. (888) 783-2584.


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