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Exploring the Latest in Extended Reality (XR)

July 5, 2024
Check out some video highlights from AWE USA 2024.

What you’ll learn:

  • What’s new in XR?
  • What pitfalls to avoid when utilizing XR.
  • What are some of the new XR display technologies?

EXtended Reality (XR), sometimes referred to mixed reality (MR), brings together digital twins, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) technologies. It takes advantage of advances in optics, sensors, mobile computation engines, and now artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to provide immersive environments that can be used for everything from industrial applications and product design to medical analysis and gaming.

Augmented World Expo’s (AWE) latest AWE USA 2024 conference just wrapped up and I missed it. Never fear, they recorded almost all of it on the AWE YouTube channel. It might take a couple days to watch it all, but I cherry-picked a few here that target trend and implementation details, which I think engineers and programmers would be most interested in. Check out the XR Policy and XR in the Enterprise channels for some of the other videos.

Most of the videos I've chosen are from the XR Enablement section, which  had over two dozen sessions:

Also check out our Mixing Reality TechXchange and our sister publication, Vision Systems Design. Leave a comment, we are interested in your feedback. Also, take our Quick Poll below, which is about XR

Current State and Future Direction of AR Glasses

Where are we now and where are we headed with augmented-reality technology? This group provided their insights. 

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Uphill, BOTH WAYS – The Anatomy of Enterprise XR Breakthroughs

Ryan Wheeler is a Senior Fellow in the Advanced Visualization group with Collins Aerospace. He has been working with all aspects of XR for a long time and talks about his experiences and insight into XR.

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5 Biggest Pitfalls Industrial SMEs Should Avoid when Adding XR to Their Business

Harald Wuest is CEO and Founder of Visometry, a German-based company that delivers industrial augmented-reality solutions. He talks about the five biggest pitfalls that subject matter experts (SMEs) typically encounter when diving into the XR pool. Worth checking out before putting on a Meta Quest 3 or Apple Vision Pro.

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Leveling up AR Waveguide Displays

Joshua Littlefield is president at Dispelix, a company that provides XR technology. The company's transparent waveguides are used as see-through displays in extended-reality (XR) devices. The waveguides optically combine the real and virtual worlds in the user’s field of vision. He talks about how waveguides work and where things are headed in the AR optical space.

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Harnessing the Power of Retinal Eye Tracking for Enhanced XR Experiences

Eye tracking is becoming more common in XR implementations. Immersix’s Adam Dunsky starts with the basics and explains why it's superior to traditional control methods. He also talks about how it improves the user experience with XR applications.

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Mixing in Reverse Optical Flow to Mitigate Vection and Simulation Sickness in Virtual Reality

Simulation sickness is the bane of XR and VR in specific. Minchae Kim and Jungha Kim work at the Digital eXPerience Laboratory (DXP Lab) in Korea. Their study showcases a method to reduce simulator sickness “by visually mixing the optical flow patterns that are in the reverse direction of the virtual visual motion.”

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