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These Technologies Help Speed the Adoption of Augmented-Reality Systems

What are the fundamentals behind augmented-reality technology and what are the driving forces that makes it work?
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Virtual Reality Isn’t Just for Games

Virtual reality is finding its way into a range of applications, from controlling drones to training workers about safety zones.
Vuzix Delivers Sharp AR Glasses

The New Reality: AR/VR at CES 2019

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) was out in a big way at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.
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A Brave New Augmented Reality Awaits

Apps and tools for smartphone-based augmented reality will help facilitate the creation of next-generation apps on AR glasses.
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Virtual Reality Starts with SoCs

The Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm is the key ingredient in the company’s latest systems-on-chips and reference designs targeting virtual reality.
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Another Dose of Augmented/Virtual Reality at CES 2018

AR/VR developments on display at this year’s CES go beyond the new hardware, offering up intriguing solutions- and applications-oriented advances such as healthcare training and...