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Software Platform Supports 4D Digital Twin Environment

July 1, 2024
Intel's SceneScape provides a virtual development and deployment for digital twins.
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Intel's software platform, SceneScape, is a framework for developing and deploying digital twin technology. It provides a virtual perspective with spatial awareness to individuals and groups so they can see the relationship between objects and activities in that environment. It can be used for applications like situational monitoring, logicstics and tracking, asset and operations optimizations, and control optimization. 

Developers can take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and AI hardware to utilize sensor data to maintain the 4D scene graphs (3D plus time) that users can view in near real time. The OpenVINO toolkit enables SceneScape to use raw sensor data to create this 4D environment by utilizing data from 2D cameras. 

The framework provides extensive software support for features like multi-sensor data fusion, vision-based analytics and modeling and multimodel detection using multiple sensors. 



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