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2024 Edge Awards

July 15, 2024
Check out this year's entries for the Edge Awards competition.

Voting is now open for the Edge Awards. Click here to place vote. 

This is where you can check out all of the products and services submitted for this year's Edge Awards. The awards celebrate outstanding innovation in product design and function for the design and engineering space. Edge Award winners will be chosen by the readers of Machine Design, Electronic Design, Power & Motion, Microwaves & RF, Laser Focus World, Military + Aerospace Electronics, and Vision Systems Design, who will vote for entries from each of the categories.

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Electronic Components and Enclosures

Passive electronic components like capacitors, transistors or diodes, connectors, cables, antennas, and switches. Hardware meant to hold controls and electronics, as well as monitor the temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. inside the enclosure.

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Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Hardware and software that incorporates—or is designed to improve—product quality, supply-chain management, and production throughput.

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Machine Vision and Inspection

Cameras, sensors, lenses, filters, lighting, frame grabbers, software, and systems.

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Robotics and Motion Control

This category spotlights single-axis and multi-axis robots for assembly, product inspection, and supply-chain operations, as well as cobots, AGVs, and other robotic transport vehicles. Also included is software related to robotics, including fleet management, plus robot operating systems.

Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric motion-control components and systems, including actuators, cylinders, ball screws, motors and drives; accessories such as fasteners, bearings, belts, and chains; and fluids, filters, and compressed air systems.

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Optics and Photonics

The focus here is on adaptive optics, optical materials (such as metamaterials), optical coatings, precision optics, micro-optics, lenses, mirrors, aspheres, prisms, and freeform optics. Also included in this category are lighting products for machine vision applications.

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