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Empower Design Innovation Through Ultra-Small Power-Supply Designs (.PDF Download)

May 2, 2019
Empower Design Innovation Through Ultra-Small Power-Supply Designs (.PDF Download)

Next-generation systems, from industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), factory automation, defense electronics, and network infrastructure equipment to medical and consumer devices, all need to collect, synthesize, and act upon data. Sensors are widely used and have transformed electronic equipment with new intelligence. This new intelligence requires more power in ever-shrinking spaces without impacting the thermal budget, making conventional solutions unviable and complicated.

In the race to get to market quickly, designers have limited time to design the power supply and limited space to dissipate the heat while also meeting shock, vibration, and EMI requirements – a multidimensional challenge. High temperature rises and larger power supplies limit space and opportunities for more product innovation. How can designers power-shrink equipment footprints and sensors reliably without overheating? And how can they get it done quickly?


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