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Optimizing Power Systems for the Signal Chain

Nov. 5, 2021
This series shines the spotlight on how to get the most out of your power-supply designs, taking a deep dive into noise issues that plague signal-processing chains and methodologies on optimizing power-distribution networks.

This article series is in the Power Management topic within our Series Library and the Power Supply Design topic within our TechXchange Library

The increasing volume of data collected, communicated, and stored in everything from 5G to industrial applications has expanded the performance limits of analog signal-processing devices, some into the gigasamples per second. As the pace of innovation never slows, the next generation of electronics solutions will lead to further shrinking in solution volumes, increasing power efficiency, and greater demand for better noise performance.

This series addresses the impact, and how to quantify, power-supply noise sensitivity of the loads in signal-processing chain, and takes a deeper dive into the details of optimizing power-distribution networks (PDNs) for ADCs, DACs, and RF transceivers:

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