Firms to highlight switching and boundary-scan products at AUTOTEST

AUTOTEST convenes in St. Louis next week and will provide a showcase of test equipment for military/aerospace applications. An article in our September print issue describes some of the equipment that will be on display, including bench and modular instruments, manufacturing test systems, and depot and flightline test equipment. (See “AUTOTEST spans legacy replacement to new systems.”)

Since that article went to press, Pickering Interfaces and Acculogic have release details on what they will be exhibiting. The latter will highlight its suite of PC-based hardware and software tools designed for the testing of electronic devices, boards, and systems using the IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1149.6 standards. Pickering will showcase LXI switching and PXI switching solutions as well as microwave multiplexers.

Acculogic said its line of boundary-scan test tools can be effectively used in the entire product life cycle, starting with design verification and validation and continuing into pilot production and manufacturing. Use of these tools in field service and repair depots can help further to reduce test cost and cycle time.

In addition, the company will also highlight its ScanNavigator suite of distributed boundary scan tools, which harnesses Acculogic’s set of boundary-scan test and on-board device-programming tools in a single, intuitive graphical user environment. Acculogic’s ScanNavigator integrated boundary-scan test environment offers a quick, easy, and a cost-effective way to perform boundary-scan test using Teradyne’s Di-Series digital test instruments.

Pickering will feature several new and updated PXI products:

  • an addition to the PXI medium-density switch matrix range in the form of a new 32×4 signal-insertion and monitor matrix with switched loop-thru for simplified connection of digital I/O,
  • an update to the PXI microwave multiplexers to include an SP6T version that will feature LEDs that indicate which path of the multiplexer is closed, and
  • an update to the high-density PXI large matrix (BRIC) range to include a 20% increase in density.

For the LXI range, Pickering will feature the new LXI high-density matrix with scalable construction—offering a matrix size from 384×4 to 1024×4 with up to 4096 crosspoints in a 1U configuration.

Pickering will also highlight its partnership with OPAL-RT Technologies. The companies will demostrate of how the two companies are partnering to improve the flexibility and lower the cost of fault-insertion testing for hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) applications, with emphasis on and how fault-insertion can be applied to test an automotive ECU.

Additional switching products being shown in the booth will include PXI power relay modules, RF multiplexers, precision resistor modules, and BRIC large multiplexers.


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