Acqiris SA becomes sole provider of PCIe digitizers formerly sold by Keysight

Aug. 2, 2017

Geneva, Switzerland. Acqiris SA announced it has become the sole provider of Keysight Technologies’ PCIe-based digitizer for OEM business. PCIe-based digitizers are used as embedded OEM components in industries such as life sciences, imaging, and environmental monitoring. Acqiris worked with Keysight to acquire the PCIe-based digitizers and will own all aspects of the business going forward.

Didier Lavanchy, the former general manager of the Keysight high-speed digitizer group, based in Geneva, will serve as chief executive officer of Acqiris SA. “Acqiris will focus on signal-acquisition (ADC) components for OEMs and is well positioned for growth,” said Lavanchy. “As an independent company, with the same team for 20 years and the wealth of experience from Keysight, Acqiris is in a strong position to be agile and responsive to address the OEM market, aiming to develop our trusted collaboration with customers.”

Greg Peters, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Aerospace Defense & Government Solutions group, believes this change will benefit customers in both test and measurement and OEM applications. “Keysight determined that it can better serve these customers and their use models through a different business structure,” said Peters. “With this change, both companies will be able to focus on the unique needs of their customer base.”

With common components and technology across digitizer formats, Keysight and Acqiris said they will work together in the future and focus on making this transition seamless for customers.

On August 1, 2017, Keysight PCIe-based digitizer group became a new company and returned to its original name: Acqiris.

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