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eBook: Delving Into Power Density Vol. 5

May 26, 2023
To maximize power density, engineers need to know more than just the basics of power-supply design.

Increasing the power density of a system presents wide range of challenges. But it’s rarely possible to solve them all at once.

Designing for high-power density is increasingly about balancing tradeoffs. How do you cram more power into the same or smaller footprint while cooling everything effectively? How do you isolate high voltages and prevent them from straying into the load and the wiring? How do you supply higher power levels safely and with a high degree of reliability? How do you work through all these challenges while staying on budget and on deadline?

To get things right, engineers need to understand more than just the core tenets of high-density power-supply design. They also need to keep in mind the specific challenges that impact their application.

In this eBook, we walk through the basics of power density and then review what you need to know to maximize it in everything from electric vehicles (EVs) to aircraft to robotics.

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