Electronic Design

2007 BEST Electronic Design Winners


Category: Analog-to-Digital Converters, High-Speed, 8-Bit
Maxim Integrated Products – MAX109

Category: Analog-to-Digital Converters, High-Speed, 10-Bit
austriamicrosystems – AS1528/29

Category: Analog-to-Digital Converters, High-Speed, 12-Bit
170 Msamples/s: National Semiconductor – ADC12C170/V170
500 Msamples/s: Kenet, Inc. – KAD5512-50

Category: Analog-to-Digital Converters, High-Speed, 14-bit
155 Msamples/s, Single: National Semiconductor – ADC14V155
155 Msamples/s, Dual: Analog Devices – AD9640
250 Msamples/s: Kenet, Inc. – KAD5514-25
400 Msamples/s: Texas Instruments – ADS5474

Category: Analog-to-Digital Converters, Audio
Texas Instruments – PCM4220/22

Category: Analog-to-Digital Converters, Small Size
Linear Technology – LTC2450

Category: Communications, Home Networking Technology
Multimedia Over Coax Alliance - MoCA 1.1 Standard

Category: Components, Displays, Touch-Screen Technology
Immersion – TouchSense

Category: Components, Displays, OLED Technology
Clairvoyente – PenTile RGB (sub-pixel rendering technology)

Category: Components, Displays, OLEDs
Novaled - White OLED

Category: Passive Components, Capacitor Technology
Electronic Concepts - Fuseac Technology (5MPF Series)

Category: Semiconductor Technology, Transistor Technology
IBM Corp.: Hafnium-Gate Insulator-based PMOS and NMOS Transistors

Category: Semiconductor Technology, Intellectual Property
Mosaid – Mobilize IP Platform

Category: Processors, Multicore
Intel Corp. – Penryn Family

Category: Processors, Audio/Video
On Demand Microelectronics – Scalable Video Engine (SVENm)

Category: EDA, FPGA Tools
Simulation Accelerators: GateRocket – RocketDrives
Integrated Software Environment Technology: Xilinx – Smart Compile Technology
Synthesis Suite: Mentor Graphics – Precision RTL

Category: EDA, Custom IC Tools
Compilers: Synopsys – 2007.03 IC Compiler
Verification: Cadence Design Systems and Mentor Graphics – Open Verification Methodology

Category: Development Kits/Platforms, FPGAs
DLP Design: DLP-FPGA Platform

Category: Development Kits/Platforms, Microcontrollers
Texas Instruments – eZ430-RF2500

Category: Boards, Small Form Factors, 3U-VPX (TIE)
P.A. Semi – PA6T-1628M
Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing – VPX3-125

Category: Boards, Small Form Factors, Motherboards
VIA Technologies - Pico-ITX

Category: Boards, Small Form Factors, Computers-on-Modules
Kontron – nanoETXexpress

Category: Embedded Systems, MEMS-based Chip
Freescale Semiconductor – MPX8300

Category: Embedded Systems, Multicore Processors
Raytheon – MONARCH Architecture

Category: Embedded Systems, Multicore Processors, 64-Bit
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – R580

Category: Embedded Systems, Software, Virtual Machine Managers
Intel and AMD Processors: Open Source – Xen
ARM and MIPS Processors: (NOTE: Tie) Trango Virtual Processors – Trango
Hypervisor and VMware – Lab Manager

Category: Embedded Systems, Software, Simulation Platforms
Virtutech – Simics

Category: Embedded Systems, Software, Development Environments
VaST Systems – CoMET/METeor

Category: Power Semiconductors, Low-Power Technology
National Semiconductor – PowerWise Technology (LP5552 Power Management IC; LP3919 Power Management IC; LM2512 Serial Host IC; FPD95120 Display Driver; LP5520/21/22/281 LED Drivers; LM3668 Buck-Boost Regulator; LM3207 DC/DC Power Supply)

Category: Test & Measurement, Bench Instrument
Tektronix – MSO4000 Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope


Category: Automotive
Hella, Inc. – Lane Change Assistant

Category: Communications
Apple – iPhone

Category: Computers, Microprocessor
Intel Corp. – Xeon X5365

Category: Computers, Motherboard
Intel Corp. – S5000XVN

Category: Computers, Graphics Adapter
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – FireGL 8650

Category: Computers, Hard Disk
Seagate Technology – Barracuda 7200.11

Category: Computers, Optical Disk Drive
Lite-On – LH2B1S Blu-ray Triple Writer

Category: Consumer, HDTV
Sharp – Aquos LC-46D64U

Category: Consumer, High-Definition Optical Drive (Blu-ray)
Samsung – BD-P1400 Blu-ray Player

Category: Consumer, High-Definition Optical Drive (HD-DVD)
Toshiba – HD-A35

Category: Consumer, Universal Remote Control
Logitech – Harmony 1000

Category: Industrial (TIE)
Analog Devices – ADIS16209 Dual-Mode Inclinometer
Omron Electronic Components – D6F-P Gas Flow Sensor

Category: Medical, Medical Imaging
University of Calgary – CAVEman

Category: Medical, Robotics
InTouch Health – RP-7

Category: Medical, Health Technologies
Boston Scientific - Congestive Heart Failure Management System

Category: Military, Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
iRobot – PacBot

Category: Military, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Honeywell – Micro Air Vehicle

Category: Military, Test System
Aeroflex – Synthetic Multifunction Adaptable Reconfigurable Test Environment 5000 (SMART^E 5000)

Cree – XR-E Power LEDs

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