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32-Channel VME Board Doubles The Sampling Rate

The Model 6802, a 32-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC) 6U VME board, doubles the performance and quadruples the number of channels of earlier VME solutions. It includes on-board programmable-gain instrumentation and anti-aliasing filters. Also, its front-panel data-port (FPDP) output interface supports a number of commercial off-the-shelf FPDP peripherals like digital-to-analog converters, digital receivers, memory boards, and Motorola G4 PowerPC and Texas Instruments C6000 processor boards.

This board provides 32 channels of delta-sigma analog-to-digital conversion with precise, linear low-phase, low-pass filtering. Each conversion has 24 bits of resolution at sampling rates ranging from 1 to 216 kHz. Its front-panel sync input signal permits the synchronization of multiple 6802 boards. Outputs of up to eight 6802 boards, for a maximum of 256 channels, can be combined over a single FPDP cable to support a range of system configurations.

Starting at $7995, delivery is 12 weeks ARO.

Pentek Inc.
www.pentek.com; (201) 818-5900

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