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Adhesives Conduct Heat

These thermally conductive, activator-initiated, room temperature curing acrylic adhesives come in four versions. Loctite 315 is a self-shimming paste formulated to provide good electrical isolation. Loctite 383 is a high-strength adhesive for permanent bonding. Loctite 384 is a repairable adhesive designed for components subject to disassembly. Loctite 3873 is a fast curing, self-shimming paste for bonding heat generated devices to thermal spreaders. The firm also has developed four UV light/heat curable adhesives: Loctite 3151 self-shimming UV/heat cure repairable adhesive paste is for automated heatsink applications; Loctite 3870 UV fixture heat curable high-strength acrylic/urethane adhesive is for permanent assemblies; Loctite 3871 UV fixture heat curable medium-strength adhesive is for components that require disassembly; and Loctite 3872 is a medium strength flexible adhesive paste. Two new heat cure silicones are also available: Loctite 5403 is for materials with widely varying CTEs and Loctite 5404 self-shimming, snap curing, flexible silicone is for parts such as ceramic boards.

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