Altium And Atmel Integrate Touch Sensor Applications

Nuremberg, Germany: Altium has announced a technology partnership with Atmel to co-develop an integrated solution combining Atmel’s Qtouch Studio touch sensor configuration tool and the Altium Design electronics design solution.

“We are excited to be creating the industry’s first native touch sensor development solution. With Atmel and Altium, engineers can reduce design time by up to 90%. These productivity improvements will help companies compete and focus on developing product differentiation, instead of wasting time on inefficient design processes,” said Martin Harris, vice president of EMEA at Altium.

“This extension to the world of touch-sensitive product development is a natural one because of Altium’s unified approach to electronics design, where the entire design process is managed using a single data model and a single application,” Harris explained. “And, Altium’s electronics design data management features now also embrace the touch-sensitive design aspects as well.”

Demand for touch-operated interfaces is set to grow rapidly with touch control applications quickly finding their way into more designs. One major problem has been the manual generation of the various touch sensors’ complex shapes on the printed-circuit board (PCB), resulting often in hours of work for each revision. In Altium Designer, touch buttons, sliders, and wheels can now be easily added to the schematics and PCB layout.

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