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Angle-Free Autorouter Boosts Completion Rates

An angle-free autorouter known as the BlazeRouter offers fully integrated test engineering support with fewer layers and minimal post-route clean up. Designed for multilayer pc boards and advanced packages, it uses native any-angle and diagonal routing algorithms driven by intelligent aesthetic controls to accurately and efficiently produce high-density circuitry. This device is delivered on the Latium architecture, which is a computer-integrated design (CID) platform for fully integrated interconnect design and Internet support.

This autorouter employs an optimized combination of plowing, push and shove, rip-up, and touch and cross algorithms, which vary based on the situation. This results in higher productivity and completion rates, and better route quality. Pad entry controls, same net clearance rules, and copper sharing and component fan-out operations are combined to ensure that fabrication requirements are automatically met. Higher-density boards can be completed with fewer layers, with the help of dense BGA devices. Integrated test point routing and post-route-auditing capabilities let users adapt the tool to their existing process. Any-angle routing is included as well.

The BlazeRouter comes available with the next PADS-PowerPCB release, version 3.5.

PADS Software, 165 Forest St., Marlborough, MA 01752; (800) 554-7253, (508) 485-4300; Internet: www.pads.com.

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