Automotive-grade RGB colour sensor

Böblingen, Germany:
A novel RGB (red, green, blue) analog-output colour sensor meets the specifications of the Automobile Electronics Council AEC-Q100 Stress Test Qualification for ICs. Components meeting these specifications are considered suitable for use in the harsh automotive environment. The sensor comes by way of Avago Technologies.

In vehicle interiors, the ADJD-E622-QR999 CMOS analog-output sensor converts coloured light to accurate, proportional red, green, and blue voltage outputs. These outputs can potentially be used for open- or closed-loop optical feedback for light sources in navigational panels, dashboard, and interior lighting.

Use of this device in a closed-loop optical feedback system assures consistent colour and brightness for RGB LED lighting and backlighting systems, such as in LCDs. The combination of a colour sensor with RGB LED lighting replaces the limited range of colours available from conventional LEDs. The combination can be used to offer the driver a selection of lighting colours to reflect their preferences.

The AEC-Q100 Stress Test Qualification indicates that these sensors offer low sensitivity to ESD (electrostatic discharge). It's supplied in a lead-free QFN-16 (16-pad quad flat no-lead) surface-mount package that measures 5 mm by 5 mm by 0.75 mm high.

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