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Backpack Connects EMS Personnel In Hazardous Situations

Emergency personnel are going high-tech. Network Anatomy's Commander Series of integrated communications devices will keep rescue workers connected in even the most severe conditions. The Commander Pack is worn like a backpack, while the Commander Case can be carried like a regular briefcase. Both items, which weigh less than 11 pounds each, integrate the latest voice/audio/video/data transmission technologies to guarantee communication access from anywhere on earth.

Each waterproof, rugged kit includes a 2.7-lb flat-panel tablet PC with integrated 802.11b-g wireless, cellular, and satellite transmission; word processing, incident command, bio/chem processing, hazardous weather, and information management software; a self-sustaining and quadruple-redundant on-board power system; a MicroVideo camera for video documentation and conferencing; and two RF radio communicators with built-in GPS and navigation mapping.

Network Anatomy plans on releasing the Command Gauntlet, containing all of this functionality in a glove-like device, next year. For details, go to www.networkanatomy.com.

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