Electronic Design

BGA Prototyping Adapter Achieves 1.0-mm Pitch

A new 1.0-mm ball-grid-array (BGA) adapter lets designers easily add 1.0-mm pitch to their prototype breadboards. It uses a zero-insertion-force (ZIF) socket, which enables multiple chip testing of up to 10,000 insertions. For testing, designers plug the adapter into a prototyping board with a 0.1-in. center grid and place the IC in the socket. Then, the prototype is ready for operation. The device comes in the same configuration as the BGA package footprint, minimizing trace lengths and adapter height. This results in high-speed performance. It also eliminates the need to design-in additional signal access pins and points. Time-consuming board revisions are prevented, too. And, it's easily removable, with a low profile for minimal clearance. Pricing for the adapter, part number AB-0256-3BG016Z-P13-M-1, starts at $795.

Emulation Technology Inc., 2344 Walsh Ave., Bldg. F, Santa Clara, CA 95051-1301; (408) 982-0660; fax (408) 982-0664.

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