The board business needs you

The first half of 2007 has seen more COTS/MIL RFQs than the whole of 2006. According to Ray Alderman, the executive director of VME trade association VITA, this increased trading in the boards market has created a large number of engineering vacancies within many of the VITA-member companies.

A majority of the RFQs are for small programs, whereas many of the larger programs are currently on hold. “One of the trends currently influencing this market is the demand for ‘technology insertion,’ where newer and faster VME cards are going into legacy system backplanes,” says Alderman.

Designers interested in more details about these jobs should contact Ray Alderman at [email protected]. Bear in mind that applicants will, in general, have to hold a U.S. passport or have previously been accredited to work in the U.S. and hold a green card.

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