Electronic Design

Boundary-Scan Controller Offers Fast Ethernet Connectivity

The Net-1149.1/E intelligent boundary-scan controller integrates the power of a local-area network into the entire boundary-scan development, production, test, and in-system programming process. This self-contained, network-enabled device offers an intelligent interface, with a memory-behind-the-pin architecture, between any PC or workstation supporting the TCP/IP protocol over Ethernet and any JTAG-compatible unit under test (UUT). It supports the 10-Mbit/s and the Fast Ethernet 100-Mbit/s (IEEE 802.3) protocol. The IEEE 1149.1 JTAG test access port (TAP) has programmable TCK clock rates up to 40 MHz. It includes four general-purpose I/O lines, individually controlled, for remote control and sense. The Net-1149.1/E serializes to the JTAG TAP boundary-scan instruction and test vectors, which are previously loaded by the host over the network. The UUT responses are stored in the onboard 16 Mbytes of dual-port memory and uploaded to the host for further analysis. Available from stock, pricing for the Net-1149.1/E starts at $6950.

Corelis Inc.
www.corelis.com; (562) 926-6727

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