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Class-G Audio Codec Adds GPF

Kirchheim, Germany:

A high-performance Class G audio codec from Dialog Semiconductor incorporates the industry's first onboard general-purpose filter (GPF). The DA7210 configurable signal-processing engine makes it possible to fine-tune and optimise the output signal for small speakers and enclosures. It includes a true-ground, capacitor-less headphone driver that helps improve bass response.

According to the company, the codec consumes only 2.5mW during quiescent headphone playback, and only 5mW operating power under listening conditions. It delivers 40mW output into 16Ω headphones.

Output signal envelope tracking across multiple pre-defined levels provides true ground operation, and there’s an integrated PLL for sample rate flexibility. The device operates down to 1.8V, simplifying digital processor interfacing.

The GPF enables onboard signal tailoring and performance tuning without degradation or loss of sound quality. It also eliminates the need for a dedicated external DSP.

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